Company Details

Trans Baltic exists since 2008. We specialize in providing agency service to the vessels, chartering in maritime and inland transport. Annually, in all Polish ports we handle over 500 ships, constantly taking care of the highest level of services. We have gained specific experience in shipment of fertilizers, cargoes for agriculture, chemical industry, classical and renewable energy and offshore industry. Our loyalty, open attitude and honesty in business are appreciated by customers from all over Europe, and the main clients are from Poland, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Turkey.

Ship Agency

- 24/7 service in all Polish ports
- all types of ships/all types of cargoes
- specialization: fertilizers and raw materials / grain and feedstuff / liquid fuels / out-of-gauge shipments / coal


- arranging shipping contracts for maritime transport
- the main transport directions: the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea
- inland waterway transport


- booking containers in all oceanic relations
- customs
- on-carriage of cargo from/to client


- organisation of out-of-gauge shipments
- "door-to-door" transport in export and import

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